Okay, making the usual resolution to watch my weight, and eat healthy, but then there is being healthy in finances. Debts have been paid and one credit card remains. Putting together the information for my tax person, I looked at miscellaneous spending. How many of us just hand over the credit card, whether it is credit or debit and sign on the line with no thought to the amount we just signed for? Even small purchases add up. The first year I worked in the American Cancer Thrift Shop as a volunteer I had a great time, beautiful clothes, sometimes with the tags still on them for a ridiculous price (brand new Coach purse for $35???) but at the end of the year it was a jolt to add up all the “small” purchases! Obviously I need to amend my ways! At this point of my life, there is little I need, and for the last two years I have been downsizing, giving things to my kids that they mentioned they want now instead of after I’m gone. When my “thrift” box in the garage is full, I take it down and give it away. It’s amazing what we can live without! When my dining room gets painted this weekend, I have to take out all the china in the china cabinet, empty the buffet, and remove all the plates from the shelf my husband built in the dining room. It will give me a chance to take a look at what I haven’t looked at in a long time and see what else I can give away! We’ll see! In the meantime, I’m giving thanks for my family and friends, for how the Lord has taken care of me, for good health, and His other blessings. It will be a good year!