The church I have been attending has been a good church. I love the pastor and enjoy his sermons, yet something was missing. The church seems more geared to the millennials than people my age. They are active in the community and have received awards for the many causes our people have volunteered for. Yet, after attending a women’s tea at a friend’s church with over 300 women, not all members, I went to their Christmas Program and Christmas Eve service and enjoyed it. Most of all, at their 9:00 am service they have a choir! I’ve sung in choirs, Sweet Adelines, and two worship teams as well as having done solos, but mostly I missed singing in a choir. This Sunday I’ll attend “Pizza with the Pastors” for new people to meet the staff, and I’ve been invited to join the choir! It reminds me of my old church years ago where I sang in the choir for 20 years. At one point we had 150 members in the choir. I like the traditional service and so I feel comfortable with the change. Over the years I’ve been in a lot of churches, all denominations, seeking God. When He finally found me I realized I was finally part of God’s forever family and had the assurance I had sought for so many years. There have been other church changes. Moving from my familiar church after 20+ years to Northern California when I re-married, to a community church, then back to San Diego to a Baptist Church, then following my pastor to a new church he started for 5 years. Then when he retired, and the church dissolved, finding a new church for 3 years, and my recent church for two years. This time I hope to stay put!!