Our family is sad for Natalie, my youngest son’s wife, whose little sweet 10 pound dog ran away on New Year’s Eve. There were fireworks all around and she slipped out of the house when their bigger Rottweiler pushed the back door open. The gate just happened to be open just enough for her to slip through. The neighborhood was searched, her description was posted to every lost dog site, information was left at animal shelters, but no sign of her. They live in a rural part of San Diego called Spring Valley and there are lots of fields and places for a little dog to hide. Unfortunately there are also coyotes that have been seen too often in the neighborhood. It is a sad thought to realize that she may not be found for that reason. Everyone who knew her has been praying for her return. One could hope a kind soul took her in and doesn’t know what to do with her. They might think she was a stray as she had no collar and evidently wasn’t chipped. My little dog always wears her collar and has a microchip, but one day after I gave her a bath, and hence no collar, she got out when I went to empty the trash and led me on a merry chase around the neighborhood. I panicked thinking I couldn’t keep up with her and she would get out of my sight. Fortunately for me, I was nearly at the end of my strength level when she dashed into a neighbor’s back yard. I quickly followed and closed the gate. With patience, she finally came to me and with no collar or leash, I had to carry all 14 pounds of her home! I watch doors and make sure I know where she is when I go outside. I grieve for my daughter-in-law and her loss and we are still praying, but it’s a sad incident for our family. If you have a beloved pet, even if they are in the house most of the time, make sure they are wearing a collar and tag with name and address on it. The microchip is helpful too if the dog is turned in to the animal shelter. Your little one could be gone in a moment.