How many of us have followed a car on a street or freeway only to see it wobble from lane to land. It is a good bet the driver is on his/her cell phone! Despite the penalties, people still do this. I learned long ago, when I got my first cell phone, that I could not drive at 65 or 70 mph and still handle a cell phone! It scared me to death and I pulled to the side of the road to call my husband. I now have a car with Bluetooth, and can speak hands free. I seldom call out and only accept a call from family or close friend, in case there is an emergency or problem, but I keep the call really short. Even being able to look ahead and not down at a phone can be distracting depending on what the call is about. Now there is the voice that says I am driving and call back! I am amazed at how cell phone have taken over our lives. I read an article on how lonely today’s teenagers are. They are on their cell phones, texting, even when the friend or family member is in the room! Conversation person to person is an art and I think more fulfilling than reading an impersonal text. In the restaurants, two people are having dinner and instead of talking, they are on their phones. Kids sit side by side and text each other. Amazing. No wonder they feel a sense of disconnection. I don’t do Pinterest, Yelp, Twitter or any of the other sites and only keep Facebook for my business and family/friend connections. Maybe at 82 I’m slowing down and don’t feel the need for all that, and also enjoy a good book or working at a new writing project on my computer. On a beautiful day, the yard beckons to sit on the porch and listen to the myriad of birdcalls from the trees.  Well, I must confess, I play Words with Friends, a form of Scrabble on my phone with a few friends, sigh.