Having reached an age where I need to pick and choose my time, I have begun to set aside some things and concentrate on time with friends and family and writing my memoirs. My growing up years were difficult with a grandmother who belonged to a cult and my mother into many other things like telling fortunes with cards, a group who claimed to be from outer space and a few other things thrown in.

I have a new book coming out this summer, Rahab, Woman of Jerico. It is quite a different take on her, since I do not portray her either as a prostitute or a Canaanite. I do explain in the book why I did that. Too much evidence to the contrary! Hope you will enjoy her story. Time, my editor and the Lord’s inspiration and leading will determine whether I do another book. I’ve enjoyed all of the ones I have written and gotten to know several of the marvelous and amazing women in the Bible. I always learn something when I write about them. I like speaking to women’s groups and at book signings and love to talk about research and how it portrays my characters more accurately. Tune in to my Facebook site, Diana Wallis Taylor. Facebook and I will keep you posted.