Does God care about the little things in our life, like getting somewhere on time, hoping a conversation with a friend goes well, a new job, sickness? He does. All those and more. I have a friend who asks her “Parking Angel” for parking places. It seems like trivia, and not worthy of the attention of the Almighty, yet she keeps having miracles take place. However, I can attest to small miracles in this area too. Last Saturday, I wanted to get out of the house (I live alone and sometimes get cabin fever) so went down to the cliffs above the ocean and walked my dog along the path. There is an area that forms a natural cove and the kids love to dare each other to jump the nearly 30 feet into the water, fun to watch for a while. When I got back to the car I decided a root beer float at my friend’s ice cream parlor in Ocean Beach would be nice. One problem. It is summer, a beach town, and the kids are all out of school (online, that is). Crowds abundant and not a parking place in sight, so I prayed for a parking place. Drove slowly down the main drag, and just as I got to the block where the ice cream parlor was, someone pulled out right in front of me, and I parked right across the street from my destination. I did thank the Lord for the blessing, got my float, and sat on the sea wall to finish it. There have been other times when I have prayed for a parking place and one has mysteriously opened up. One time I was to meet someone to hear a speaker at a church that is not in the safest area of town. I had to arrive late, and it was dark. Cars were everywhere and not a parking place in sight. I didn’t want to park several blocks away and walk at night to the church by myself. I entered the parking lot in high hopes of something. If you could be a helicopter and be able to look down at the parking lot, you would have seen every space filled, except for one empty space right across from the front door of the church. Yes, He cares about the little things, even parking places!



Image by Jack Moreh at Stockvault