Like most people, I watch the news showing the rioters and protesters, and wonder what burning down businesses, shooting policemen, destroying historical statues and chanting, have to do with making our country more racially conscious and better. Those that claim to care about black lives, even burn down businesses that are owned by blacks and minorities. There seems to be a problem here. Who are they really for? It seems the main goal is destruction, fear and chaos. Why are the leaders of these cities/states, standing back and allowing the destruction of their own cities? They have told the president they don’t need his help, but neither are they doing anything about the safety of their citizens. Most people in my age group watch with consternation as these scenes unfold. What can we do? How can we affect any change? We can pray. We can take our fears and concerns to the One who has all under His control. He gave us free will so He will not supernaturally step in and stop the destruction. We have learned a great deal about others and ourselves during this time. Fear has no place in our hearts. His word says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” The numbers of those dying from the virus have been jerry-rigged to cause fear. More people, as a matter of fact, die of the flu every year than have died from the virus. Ten thousand or so from Covid-19 as compared to 2,600,000 every year from the flu, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s, etc.! Then, just as we began to despair, amazingly, small pockets of revival popped up, first in the city where Floyd was killed, people accepting Christ, getting baptized, healed and more. It has spread to other cities and we can no longer ignore the fact that God is moving in a mighty way.

Get ready America, there is change coming and people are hungry for hope. One Scripture that has been shared over and over is the one that says, “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, I will hear their prayer and I will heal their land.” The sin that caused the ultimate judgment on Israel centuries ago and caused the destruction of their land, was that they were sacrificing their children in the fires of Molech. They sacrificed over 50, 000. We have sacrificed over 60 million babies! How long will God remain silent? Pray for our president and other leaders for wisdom and good decisions for our country and for God to once again bring peace to our land.



Image by Pexels from Pixabay