About 5 years ago I began to work as a volunteer cashier at the American Cancer Society thrift shop, called the Discovery Shop. This is not like your normal thrift shop. Clothing is carefully inspected for tears, stains, missing buttons or other damage and if it passes the test, it will go on the floor. Shirts and blouses as well as T-shirts are steamed so they are nicely presentable. There is a section for men’s clothing and shoes, children’s clothing and toys, DVD’s, CD’s, books and miscellaneous housewares. One wall is set aside for knick-knacks, other areas handle dishes, with many sets of fine china. One area is for furniture. Women’s clothing is separated by short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, skirts, jeans, shorts and long pants, all arranged by color. One rack handles designer clothes and frequently has items from Chico’s, many with the tags still on. A jewelry store went out of business and donated their entire stock to us. Today a whole truckload of paintings came in. I never know what I will find each week when I come in. And there’s the problem. I’ve bought clothing, purses, jewelry, pictures, dishes, etc. over the years and each week I find some treasure I think I cannot live without. Unfortunately, the tab goes up! I have a rule that if I bring something home, something of like category must go, a blouse for a blouse, pants for pants, and jewelry for jewelry. I tell myself I’m just changing out my wardrobe from things I’ve had too long. We women like change, right?

The shop is well run and laid out like a boutique but with very affordable prices. I had made up my mind last week I would not buy anything but as I was standing at the cash register, I looked across at the jewelry table and saw a dark blue blouse on the dummy in the middle of the table. I casually inspected and not only was the fabric beautiful, but it was my size, and would you believe, from Chico’s? Yes, I succumbed.



Image by Pexels from Pixabay