My ex-roommate went on a trip and I am dog-sitting for four days. Having been used to walking one little dog, I forgot how challenging it can be to walk two! Her dog is a male, who likes to leave his scent about every ten feet or less. My dog is female, and likes to stop and sniff interesting scents as often as I will let her. Of course they wanted to go in opposite directions. I decided to just take my time and gently encourage them to go the way I was going. Maya, my little dog, is a year and a half old, and wants to play. Valerie’s dog, Punkin, is going on eight and just kind of tolerates Maya. So far they have gotten along fine but each want to eat the other dog’s dinner. I see people walking two, three, and in some cases four dogs. I don’t know how they do it. I thought of getting a companion dog for Maya, but my cousin, who trains agility dogs, says your dog wants to be the only dog. So I’m the Alpha dog? My little dog sleeps on her doggie blanket at the foot of the bed. She’s learned not to get too close as I toss and turn a lot, and probably drove her nuts!

Punkin is also used to sleeping on his mistress’s bed, but I am not about to have two dogs on my bed. So what is the solution? I will try his dog bed in a corner nearby and see how that goes. I have visions of ending up on the couch while they will take over my bed! I take Maya to the dog park (on days when I’m lazy) to run around with the other small dogs and use up some energy. However, I don’t feel I can take both dogs. Maya comes to my whistle, but Punkin has a mind of his own and I am not sure how he’ll do off the leash. Well, we will muddle through somehow and at least I don’t have a skunk to deal with too!



Image by Silviu Costin Iancu from Pixabay