At my daughter’s in Florida, we drove to Gainesville to have dinner with two of my grandsons, Josh and Jake, who live and work there. It was an interesting give and take conversation on the politics of the day, socialism vs capitalism, etc. Josh has definite opinions and we found that many of his views were shaped by what he heard on the news. He had not done research on his subjects but shared what he felt was a viable view. It is good to disagree, and in our country we have the opportunity to have different points of view. However, today it seems you are only allowed one viewpoint and that is the liberal one. People don’t feel able to disagree without attracting retaliation. It is a sad commentary on today’s world. It used to be we could put signs in our yard with opposing views from our neighbor’s and we still waved to each other or talked over the fence. No one was offended. It was just who we felt strongly about. There are signs in our neighborhood for one party but on our local news thread, it seems a sign for the opposite party incited a firebomb incident. I was sorry to read that. Can’t we go back to the days when we discussed our different opinions in a rational and courteous way with respect for the other opinion?


Image by: Stuart Miles from Stockvault