Ah, the publishing world seems to be affected as much by COVID 19 as other areas of business. I have another book proposal out but while they liked it, and I have written five other books for my publisher, I was encouraged to send it again next year. Also, it seems one has to have a “platform” and sell at least 25,000 books to interest a major publisher. My friend and I completed the Easter Cantata “Glorious” which is on SheetMusicPlus.com, along with four songs the Lord has given me. I don’t read music and don’t really know how to write music except to put the notes on a blank sheet music page and add what sounds like the right cord. The first three songs a talented composition major from the local college finished for me, adding the correct chords, rests, symbols, etc. This last song, “Find Us a Place” is for my Christmas Musical, “Jesse’s Song” and I have no idea why these melodies run through my head when I don’t know what to do with them! The Lord has a plan I’m sure so I finish the songs and then give them to Him. In the meantime, I’ll plunk out as many as He’ll give me to write. Great fun!!


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels