When someone e-mails me and tells me that they read one of my books and enjoyed it, I’m stoked and it makes my day. I never expected to write books and that the Lord has inspired so many is overwhelming. True I am not as well-known as I’d like to be, but if someone has enjoyed one of my stories, I would hope they will go to Amazon and write a brief review…just a few sentences. It all helps. My San Diego Writer’s Guild has been dormant the last few years and I miss the workshops and talking with other writers, editors, and agents. Those of us who write are like sailors that can’t stop “talking Navy.” My husband was one of those and loved to compare stories with people who shared his experiences as a seaman. His memoirs, Doin’ It Right has been fun for friends and family to read. He had a very interesting life! One of his most hair raising “adventures” was taking his destroyer, the Agerholm, through Typhoon Joan in the South China Sea. 40’ troughs, 50’ waves breaking over the ship, and 360+ men on board, all doing everything they could do to save their ship. Frank was at the helm for almost 2 days, using every bit of his navigational knowledge to save his ship, which he finally did. I hoped he would let me send it to a publisher that published Navy books but he wanted it only for friends and family. A good writer of articles, he could make an article on tires interesting! I hoped he would write more. In any case for each and every reader of my books, thank you. I appreciate you. You make all the hours of research and writing worthwhile!


Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay