When my sister in law passed away the night before the election, I was notified and planned to go to Glendale (near LA) for the service. I didn’t have anyone to take care of my little dog, Maya, so planned on driving since she cannot go on the train. Fortunately, a friend offered to stay at the house for the three days I’d be gone and take care of her. My friend’s dog and Maya get along well and I was glad to have her in good hands. It made it possible to skip the long drive to Simi Valley in the traffic and have a leisurely trip on the train. My oldest son lives about 5 minutes from the train station. The trip from San Diego takes about 4 hours with all the scheduled stops, but in business class they usually have a counter with hot water for tea or hot chocolate, coffee, muffins, orange juice, or water. They also pass out a box of snacks and later a choice of wine, water or soda. This trip, the counter was closed and when I got on the train, I was given orange juice and a muffin. Since only one person is allowed in the double seat, it was less crowded than in past years. I get on in San Diego at the first station and usually head for a window seat so I can see the ocean as we travel along the coast. It is helpful at my age to be able to stand up and walk a bit or just stretch! When the train turns inland, I resort to my book or checking info on my cell phone, or snooze for a little while. Even though the trip is long, I do not arrive frazzled and stiff from sitting so long in the car! I note places along the way that would be fun to stop and check out. San Clemente has a historic area right near the train tracks that has shops and interesting places that beckon. Hmmm. Another train trip for another day!



Image by dfsym from Pixabay