Don’t know about all of you, but my mailbox has been inundated with requests for donations. For months, a great deal was political; people running for representative, senator, mayor, etc. Many from all over the country, people from my party running for office. That does not count the phone calls (if I don’t recognize the area code, it gets deleted or goes to block mail) and the text messages. If by some chance, seeing a local area code, I answer the phone, the caller is reluctant to accept my polite declining to their request. If I cannot donate on my credit card over the phone, can they send something in the mail? I have kindly told them they will have to wait in line behind the other 45+ requests I got that week in the mail. That does not phase these intrepid callers! Even when I tell them I am 82 and on a limited income due to COVID-19, they feel that somehow I will relent and help them out. Most are paid callers, and I know they are just doing their job, but they are relentless. Anyone know a money tree I can plant in my backyard? It would be handy for a lot of things. Now I haven’t mentioned the requests from charitable organizations. They are mostly excellent organizations, worthy of a donation, but for the same reason, I must say no. I do hate the professional tear-jerker letters that try to play on your emotions, or offer you a gift of some kind for your donation. If they are using part of my donation to buy me a gift, their letter automatically goes in the circular file. I prefer to help those causes that cannot afford a professional brochure. An orphanage in Tecate; missionary friends who have served YWAM for years; meals for the homeless; helping to build houses for the families of our heroes who died serving our country. Even then, I must be discerning in my choices. For those of you who can identify with me, there is one thing we can do for all of them; we can pray. It only takes time and doesn’t cost a thing.



Image by geralt from Pixabay