At my age, some things are not as important as they were and I am downsizing with one of my Facebook pages. I’ve spent years writing; from the time I was around 12 years old. I’ve learned a lot in these 70 years; written articles, 9 Biblical Fiction novels, a book of poetry, 3 novels of Christian Fiction, an Easter Cantata and 4 songs, now working on a Christmas musical. As someone once said, we do not write because we want to, we write because we have to! It just pours out of us. I’m doing some re-organizing of my web pages and hopefully, in January, will start a writing series with the goal of helping new authors on characterization, dialogue, research, finding their genre, and other topics. I want to help new writers get started and share what I learned over the years that might be helpful.

I’m collecting e-mail addresses from those who would be interested in being a part of this series: Journey to the Inkwell, the Making of a Writer. You can contact me at I am excited about all the possibilities. Our annual San Diego Christian Writer’s Conference, in which I served for many years, seemed to go by the wayside these past five years. It is a shame, as there were opportunities for new writers and others to attend workshops and talk to editors about their work. The object of our conference was to help writers. So, if I can help some in this way, I’m anxious to do it. Many people mentored me along the way and taught me from their experience. I hope to do the same.




Image by siala from Pixabay