My office is usually cluttered with paperwork and books for whatever I’m working on. My built-in desk also contains my computer and a printer, along with the phone and an adding machine. I go in what used to be Frank’s den and have my quiet time with Bible and notebook at his desk. I can look out the window at the trees and the sky, sometimes watching the sun come up as the greatest artist of them all paints the sky with colors of peach, rose and gold. One morning a few weeks ago, Lisa, who takes care of my website, came over and was excited. “You have to see this desk that is in the neighbor’s driveway. It’s a beautiful solid oak roll-top and they have a free sign on it!”

I raced outside and looked in their driveway. The desk was beautiful. When my neighbor appeared, I asked, “Is this really free?” “Oh yes,” he replied, “We were going to offer it on Craig’s List.” With bated breath I asked, “May I have it?” “Sure. If you want it we’ll take it off Craig’s List.” No grass ever grew under my feet! Lisa called her husband and between the three of us, we took Frank’s desk apart, stacked it in the living room and hefted the new desk into place. I was thrilled, and am every time I look at it. It has lots of little drawers and compartments. I ran my hands over the polished wood. “Thank you, Lord, for such a blessing!” If Lisa hadn’t come when she did, I never would have known it was out there and I’m sure the first truck that came by would have seen the free sign and loaded it up! Guess it was meant for me. I called my stepson and asked him if he would like to have his dad’s desk. The answer was affirmative. Mike likes anything that had to do with his dad and the desk went to a good home.