Have you every pondered over a solution to a dilemma and searched for answers. Sometimes they come at unexpected times. My publisher said last fall that they didn’t want a proposal for another Biblical Fiction until this spring. The market for Biblical Fiction goes up and down. So, I worked on a Christmas Musical, got busy with a couple of groups from my church, and wondered what else to do. One morning I woke up at about 2:00 am with an idea running through my head. I had been forced to sell my house in a mountain community when COVID affected part of my income. It was very hard and I still miss my very quaint and unusual house. The idea was to write a book using the house as a setting. It would be a bed and breakfast owned by a widow who was forced to sell her home due to expenses of her husband’s long illness. The title came to me along with the story line and, of course, I couldn’t wait until later in the morning to open my laptop and get started. I’ve shared the idea with my family and prayer group and the feedback is very positive. It’s called The House of Little Doors. You will have to read the book one day to find out where that title came from. In any case, I’m hard at work.

As someone said, “writers don’t write because they want to, they write because they have to. Like an artist can’t wait to pick up their pallet and brush, once and idea forms, the writer dives in with both feet.” I’ll keep you posted.



Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay