When one reaches the 80’s it is nice to feel relatively healthy and able to do things, but there are things that no longer appeal! First, washing and vacuuming my car, which I did on a regular basis, seems like too much effort! There is a local car wash that does a wonderful job while I sip my coffee and watch them dry and polish. The second thing is housework. Now just dusting one room is enough to wear me out. Getting down to get to lower shelves of the end tables and under the couch etc., make me wonder how I did it all those years! Now I have someone who comes and goes through my house like a dose of salts! She and her helper are very thorough and when they leave, my house sparkles! Fortunately, we still have a gardener who does an excellent job of tending the yards, and I only have to water my plants that aren’t serviced by the sprinklers.

The one thing I will never get used to, is the loss of friends who have left this world behind. Last week it was the husband of my best friend, and a few days later, the husband of one of the members of my high school reunion committee, I’ve known for over fifty years! My book club boasted almost 14 a few years ago, and now we are down to seven, all but one over 80 and two over 90. Of the remaining seven, six are widows. Are women just stronger? Loss is never an easy thing to live with. I miss seeing my husband sitting on the couch reading and it has been almost four years. For my dear friend, who has struggled this first week of widowhood, I can only share my love and support and help her to know she will get through it. She will become stronger and eventually make a new life. In the struggle with the newness of her loss, it doesn’t seem possible, but she knows the Lord and that is where we must derive our strength. Her husband knew the Lord and she has the assurance she will see him again one day. She had a dream that the Lord told her Mike (her husband) would see Frank (my husband who accepted the Lord just six weeks before he died at the age of 91). For those of us who know Jesus as our Savior, that is the hope we live with and the assurance of the destination that is heaven when our time comes.



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay