Upon reaching the ripe old age of 83, friends and family urge me constantly to be cautious. I cannot afford to break a bone or do myself another injury! However, little throw rugs seem to lie in wait for me to tread so they can slip merrily out from under me!

I’ve caught myself several times flipping the edge of one under my toe and it makes me unsteady for a moment. Rushing sometimes results in near falls and on two occasions, I went splat on the sidewalk. Another morning I caught my foot on the threshold of the door coming in from out porch and went sprawling on the dining room carpet. Ah me, I find myself gripping railings going up and down stairs and realize nothing is worth hurrying if it is a hindrance to me! Recently at our TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meeting, where I am secretary, I rose to leave and the chair next to me slid on the slick floor and I found myself involuntarily moving backward with the end result of making an ungraceful landing on the floor. Long ago I learned that if I am to fall, let go and relax and I won’t break any bones. The fall was almost in slow motion and as worried members helped me up, I realized once again that I was intact! So to all you fellow seniors out there, walk slowly, hold on to hand rails, go down steps carefully, and no phone call is worth tripping and falling to answer! They will call back! If you do find that you are going to fall, be a rag doll and let go. It may save you a broken bone!



Image by freepik