I may have written before about these, but it still touches me to find a shiny penny in a parking lot, a field, walking down an alley, or any other unusual place. Years ago, I read an article by a young woman who missed her grandmother. The grandmother gave her shiny pennies and she missed that. She prayed that her grandmother was all right, in heaven, and wishing she could know. She started to find shiny pennies. I thought about that and sometimes felt that with some of the things I was going through. I wished I could know God was there with me, even though the Bible says He is. I started to find shiny pennies in unusual places, just at times I needed that touch. Now I have a ceramic jar that is nearly full of pennies, all found on my walks or errands. I’m not sure what I will do with them, maybe roll them and donate to a good cause. In any case, whether you look for pennies or see God in a sunset or nature or in the laughter of a child or grandchild, God has a way of letting us know He knows who we are.



Image by makingmilly from Pixabay