The Easter musical, “Glorious” continues to languish on SMP Press (Sheet Music Plus) and also the songs the Lord has given me to write. Maybe I’ll be like Van Gogh and other artists who didn’t become well-known until after they had passed away. I enjoy writing the songs but wonder at their purpose. My most recent song, called “The Sound of Rain” is about the Holy Spirit raining on us and what God is doing: “Listen all God’s children, listen for the sound of rain!” Another song is about rain, and I feel like God is telling us He is pouring out His Spirit on us. Much is happening across our country that is encouraging, tent revival meetings, a movement among the young people. The news, or Fake News as someone calls them, won’t report it, but I feel like people are seeking hope in these troubled times. Something they can believe in and trust. There is little to trust in some decisions made these days. It seems as if there is nothing we can do as we watch our country on a downward slide. What can we do? We can pray and seek the face of our God. He is moving in many areas as we become aware. Watching Newsmax and the Victory Channel, I hear news that is not covered by the usual networks. Also, I was apprised by a friend of the Epoch Times, a full newspaper that actually prints the news we need to hear. They have all the sections a usual newspaper has on Opinions, Southern California, Life and health, and many more, plus comics, crossword puzzles and even a kid’s section. It’s been a long time since I perused a newspaper, but I’ve found I enjoy this one.



Photo by Ellie Burgen from Pexels