A month or so ago, I had to have my right front fender redone, having been scraped in a parking lot. While the body shop came to my house and did a great job, (they were there 4 hours, sanding, priming, and sprayed color) I have a $500 deductible! At least they were cheaper and it did not require days in a regular shop and finding (an impossible) rental car. Then, last week, I opened my trunk to put in a box for the Salvation Army and thought of two pairs of sling pumps that had elastic around the heel that had stretched out. I was going to throw them in the box but decided to see what the shoe repair guy could do first. I threw them on the back seat of the car, got in and put the car in reverse to back out of the garage. My trunk lid was still up! Did a number on the back of my car. While insurance pays for most of the damage, I still must pay another deductible. Not smart!! At least USAA will let me wait to take the car to the body shop until the day before I leave for Florida for Thanksgiving with my daughter. They will then have ten days to fix the car before I return. I’m assured that since my car is an older model, 2014, parts will be easier to obtain. Parts for newer cars are in the container ships that are parked out in the ocean waiting to unload! I can be thankful for that. Also need to be more aware of when my trunk is open!



Image by eikira from Pixabay