While at my daughter’s in Florida, the company she works for, Rapport International, had a graduation of their Leader I class in Orlando. Karen and I drove two hours to be there since 6-7 of the graduates were her clients. Leadership I and II and Power Communication each taking a separate weekend, really makes a difference in people’s lives. CEO’s send employees there and heads of companies go also. When they see the results, and better employees, they sometimes send their whole staff, a few at a time! It’s powerful and intense and shows people what they are made of, changing people for the better.

As a Master Grad (all three classes) I was able to share that I graduated from Leader I in 2002 at the age of 64. My goal was to get my first book published. What I learned that weekend propelled me forward to finally get Journey to the Well published with Revell, and I went on to publish 12 other books. Rapport does not advertise. All their clients come by referral from other graduates of the classes. When people go through the classes, they are so enthusiastic about the results in their lives there is no problem recommending friends and co-workers! I’m always amazed as I listen to Karen on the phone talking with clients with such enthusiasm. She follows up on each client after they’ve returned home to give tips and to encourage them to use what they have learned. She loves her job and can work from home at her own pace. Working from home seems to be the thing now as a result of COVID, but at least Karen and Joey are empty-nesters, and don’t have a wee one pulling on a sleeve for attention. That must be hard for young parents working from home now. As a writer, I also work from home at my own pace and thinking back on the days when I had to leave at 7:00am to get to work, fought the traffic west to the college and again heading east to get home, I don’t miss it!



Image by John Hain from Pixabay