With all the turmoil going on in our world, higher gas prices, inflation, the economy, it is hard to keep our eyes on the meaning of Christmas. I know I get sidetracked watching the news! Our church just put on a wonderful Christmas concert which focused on the Christ child and why He came, for us. He wants to take the burdens off our shoulders and give us the peace we seek so desperately. In the midst of my Christmas preparations as I was writing my annual Taylor Christmas Gazette, I asked the Lord to give me a poem that would express what Christmas is all about. This is what He gave me: Merry Christmas!

One Holy Night

The Angel came to Mary
Then soothed Joseph’s weeping eyes,
Revealing destiny to both
And where their future lies.

A tiny voice the stable heard
The animals were still.
Somehow, they seemed to understand
The source, God’s perfect will.

Little fingers Joseph touched
With wonder and delight,
A precious gift his wife brought forth,
God’s promise in the night.

Heavenly beings filled the sky
And shepherds came with awe,
To see the Savior born that night
Laying in the straw.

Following the shining star,
To Bethlehem they came.
A simple pair, they birthed a son,
And Jesus was His name.

Diana Wallis Taylor, 12/21



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay