Don’t know if everyone is as frustrated with what’s going on in our country, but it is sure getting old. Complaining about our politicians won’t change Washington! It is easy to get on the “let’s complain about politics, or whatever” bandwagon. I must remember in that God is in charge, not me, and my opinions aren’t going to move a mountain. God says to speak “grace” to the mountains in our lives. That means more praying and less talking!

I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter in Florida and two of my grandsons were there. One, had a whole lot of opinions on a lot of subjects and feels like he has a handle on what’s happening in our world. The only problem is that his comments leaned heavily towards socialism. The young people today seem to feel that this is the answer to what is wrong with the world. Older adults obviously don’t really know what they are talking about! I wondered if I was that opinionated at that age. Probably so. I remember reading that author Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) left home as a teenager because he was frustrated with how ignorant his father was. He came home a few years later having had a taste of the world and was amazed at how much the old man had learned!

Hopefully you are praying for our country and as the Bible tells us, praying for our leaders, regardless of what party they are. I’m past the age where I am able to serve on committees, or school boards, etc., but I encourage all that can to do so. It is how we can make a difference and change what we are complaining about!



Image by Tumisu from Pixabay