New Year’s Day always brings New Year’s resolutions! Why do we do that to ourselves every year? They usually last a week. Good intentions, until the pressure heats up and there are familiar things we want to eat and do. Last year I decided to spare myself the agony of regret. I watched the Rose Parade in Pasadena and took down the Christmas ornaments. Every year at our Christmas brunch, I have a contest and my prayer group has to check out the house and count the number of Nativity scenes I have acquired. This year it was around 52. And yes, I gave out 2 prizes! Most are scenes are small, 20 or more on the Christmas tree alone. As I pack away the holiday decorations, I will be asking myself which ones I can part with. My house is small and I’ve found less is better. Once the house is cleared, I have to go out to the garage and find the regular decorations I put out there and remember what room they go in! Then, when I’ve put those in the house I get to tackle the garage!



Photo by from Pexels