Speaking of the garage. Have you ever noticed how many people park their cars in their driveway? That’s because their garage is so full they have no room for the cars. I am amazed when I walk my dog and someone’s garage is open, what people store! Tools, workout equipment, bookcases (full of books), bikes, ATVs, and many boxes. I’m becoming more aware that when I leave this world, my kids are going to have to deal with my stuff! It’s an incentive to pare down; old magazines, paint I’ll never use again, excess cleaning supplies, etc. When my husband passed away, my youngest son, Brett, his wife, Natalie, myself and my then roommate, Valerie, tackled the garage and had a monstrous pile in the driveway that my junk man hauled away. Are things duplicating themselves in my garage? Where did all this new stuff come from? I am resolving (a New Year’s resolution? Egad!) to get in there and be discerning and firm about throwing stuff away. Maybe more of us might want to think about who will go through our stuff when we are gone. What will they have to deal with? Old pictures are one thing. I went through and filled a trash bag with pictures taken on trips. If I didn’t know where the mountain or lake was, or didn’t recognize the people in the picture, it went! When I was through, it was a very satisfying feeling!



Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay