When the virus began infiltrating our country, it was exciting to know that the powers that be were working on a vaccine to save us. Then I learned that the recovery rate for the average healthy person was 98.9%. However, for those with preexisting diseases; diabetes, heart trouble, pneumonia, cancer, etc., it was suggested they get the vaccine as a protection. Now it is my understanding that the purpose of getting a vaccine is to keep from getting the disease. Hence, polio vaccine, mumps, measles, D.P.T.’s, etc. If we got those vaccines, which were required in schools, we would not get those diseases and people didn’t. However, as dire as the media would have us believe the situation is, and urging all to get the vaccine, why is it that there are so many getting sick from the vaccine (22,000 have died from it, according to earlier reports from the CDC) and many, fully vaccinated family and friends are still getting COVID, and some are in the hospital? Many of our service men and front line workers are also getting COVID or getting sick from the vaccine. The last two years they were our heroes, now they are losing their jobs if they do not take the vaccine!

I’m puzzled. Isn’t the vaccine supposed to save us from the virus? Now the powers that be are urging a booster shot! If the vaccine does not prevent the disease, then it is not a vaccine, it is a medication. Because there is fetal tissue in the vaccine from abortions, many wish to claim exemption. Also, some have medical reasons that prevent taking the vaccine, that would cause serious illness or death. Those exemptions, according to articles in the paper, are being turned down. So, I am wondering, why is it that the government so adamant that all, including our least vulnerable, our children get it? A lot of us are not making any sense out of this!