Some months ago, I hung a bird feeder in the rubber tree at the corner of our deck. It became very popular with the sparrows and other small birds in the area. I had to remember to keep filling it but thought my little bird friends sure ate a lot of birdseed in a short time! Lo and behold, they had help. The squirrels were hanging by their hind feet and tail from a branch and helping themselves. Also, a friend spotted a nice fat rat running along the railing at dusk one day, coming from the direction of the feeder. Aha!

So, I got one of those narrow metal hooks for hanging planters that looks like a shepherd’s crook, put it out where no trees were nearby, and hung the feeder. That discouraged the squirrels, mostly, they still eat what the birds knock out onto the ground. Then, to discourage the other little furry critters, I got some plug-ins that emit a high-pitched tone that only rats and mice can hear, and put them in the garage, on the deck, and in the attic. My unwanted tenants decided to move and haven’t seen one since. My small dog, Maya, a hefty 15 pounds, keeps watch and tears out the door and down the steps whenever she sees the crows. She makes sure their visit is a short one.



Image by u_3heuehh9 from Pixabay