Another song has been put up on!

I’ve certainly been having fun writing them, but so glad to have my musical friend in Boston to turn them into sheet music. I had thought to retire at my ripe old age, but I guess for a writer, we never really retire. I still have two book proposals out and I’m working on another idea. Maybe that’s what keeps my mind clear. I look in my file drawer and see all the story ideas I’ve filed away and wonder if I will ever get to all of them. Probably not. Maybe I’m learning the fine art of aging gracefully.

I went to the “Girlfriend’s Luncheon” last Saturday. These are the ladies I went to high school with, and, our numbers are dwindling. Now one is using a walker, another a cane, and there’s a whole lot more gray hair and wrinkles! Where did the years disappear to? High school seems so long ago. I was rather quiet then, didn’t go out for cheerleader or flags but I did march in Sergeanettes in the Mother Goose Parade. Is that still going on? Oh, yes, COVID. Everything came to a halt. Some of the ladies from Saturday were popular, held offices, etc. Now it doesn’t matter. We don’t have to impress anyone anymore. Now we just enjoy each other’s company as we catch up on grandkids and travels.



Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels