All through the years, our family has enjoyed board games. At first, the usual little kids board games and later, Monopoly, Rummy Cubes, Scrabble, and others. We love cards and have spent our share of time over the years playing bridge, canasta, Uno, Fish, solitaire, and others. Several years ago, I discovered Skip-Bo! A fun card game that doesn’t take a rocket scientist, just a little finesse.

When we went down to Baja many years ago, one of my husband’s longtime friends, Rol, taught me the game. I was hooked. So, when I took each of our nine grandchildren on their special trips, (at age 13 they got to go somewhere special) we played Skip-Bo. On the plane to Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Miami (for a Miami Heat game), the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Alaska, and a Disney cruise, we played. The fervent object was to beat grandma! Even when my daughter and I went to Italy and later to Scotland, we found time and a place to play. What’s the saying? “Have Skip-Bo cards, will travel!” Now, I have a girlfriend, Liz, who also loves Skip-Bo, and we play regularly. The Skip-Bo card is wild, and we have a saying, “whoever has the most Skip-Bo wins!” When Liz and I took a trip up the coast last fall, we didn’t have a table in our room, so we upended a suitcase, put a mirror (she’d just bought at a thrift store) on top, spread a towel over the mirror, grabbed the two folding chairs from the porch, and dealt the cards!

Now that’s serious card playing!