In answer to prayer, our church is starting a prayer team that will be up front at the end of each service to pray with people who need prayer for various reasons. It’s a great step and I’m glad to see we had almost 20 volunteers! We’ll serve every other month, after first or second service. Sometimes people are touched by something the pastor shared that Sunday and it triggered a memory or a need. That’s when sometimes we need the help of prayer partners. Someone to stand in the gap with us.

We are all going through various trials, some with the loss of loved ones, some their health and a recent doctor’s diagnosis. Some are dealing with people they need to forgive for past hurts. Someone once said, that if we all tossed our troubles out in the street and we saw what other people are dealing with, we’d run out and take our own back! In the light of what others are going through, sometimes it makes our seemingly serious troubles very mild indeed.

I’ve been on prayer teams through the years and also been prayed for by prayer teams. I’ve had my back healed by the laying on of hands and prayer, more than once. Sometimes when people raise their hands in a service to accept Christ, that’s the end and maybe they don’t know what they should do next. One of the hardest things to do is to get up out of your seat and come forward to ask for prayer. It takes courage and the desire for hope. I pray that we will be able to meet those prayer needs every Sunday.


Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels