In December of 2019, a friend invited me to their women’s Christmas tea and I loved the feeling in her church. They had a choir first service, which was traditional, and the second service was more contemporary. I loved that the pastor’s emphasis was on Christ each Sunday. I joined the choir in January, and it was good to be singing again. In the past I’d sung with many groups, our church choir years before, had over 100 members, and during the seven years my husband and I lived in Northern California, I even did solos! It had just been a long time since I’d done any singing and my voice was scratchy but thought I’d try the choir anyway.

I decided to join the church in March and had just finished the membership class when COVID hit and the church was closed down. They started meeting in the parking lot and the choir was on hold. With everyone masked, I didn’t know anyone and reluctantly returned to my old church. The church I’d joined, took the year to remodel the inside of the building and redo the sound system after 30 years! When I finally got an e-mail from the choir director that the church was opening and the choir was starting back up again, I made a beeline back. I’ve been singing in the choir ever since. It’s amazing that the more I sing, the more my voice comes back, and I find myself singing 1st Soprano again. Music has always touched my heart, and what a joy to feel God’s presence when we sing.



Image by Jacob Lange from Pixabay