A friend suggested that I investigate one of the senior dating sites. I gave her the fish eye, since I had dated a nice gentleman from the thrift shop where I volunteered, and while he was very eligible, he wanted hugs and after the second date, he wanted to hold hands. I realized I’m not ready for that and probably won’t be. At 84 most men my age I’ve met seem to have health problems and while I nursed my husband in his last illness because I loved him, I didn’t want to deliberately take that on again.

Dating is a problem because I don’t want to just settle for someone to do things with. I wouldn’t mind a friend, but definitely don’t want a boyfriend! However, out of curiosity, one day I checked out one site and looked at the photos of men who had signed up. Someone should tactfully show them how to take a selfie! They were not flattering! I hit all the delete buttons! Perhaps, because of my energy and other factors, few guess my real age, and that’s okay. I don’t make a secret of it and I’m glad I am in good health and enjoying doing many things. I do find I like my privacy and my independence. I have friends and family to enjoy. I have a group of ladies that meet for a Bible study group Tuesday mornings in my home who are like sisters to me. Frank and I were married for 27 years and did a lot of traveling together, so I don’t feel the urge to get out and travel somewhere. Besides, it’s a lot of hours to go overseas! I don’t enjoy sitting that long! I’ve been to New Zealand, Alaska, Mexico, and in many countries in Europe. I have good memories and for now, that is enough.



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash