Doctors like to do tests. I’m sure in most instances they are necessary, some take just a little time, like blood tests, X-rays, etc. My doctor wanted to do a heart monitor test. This was to check for atrial fibrillation. I had two serious bouts but that was over four years ago. However, I agreed. A small monitor was taped to my chest above my heart. Didn’t seem like a big problem, but unfortunately we were experiencing a heat wave all over San Diego and I don’t have air-conditioning! In my area above the ocean, we seldom need it! So here I have this “thing” and I am perspiring like crazy, literally running down my chest. This did not agree with the adhesive and it kept coming loose, causing the small orange light to flash. I tried drying the area and re-connecting the adhesive which would last a short while and I would have to repeat the process. A rash was beginning under the adhesive which the humidity didn’t favor. Finally, I bought a box of the large size band aids and taped one over each end of the device. Of course, despite the heat wave, no showers, no swimming (my youngest son has a spa and a pool) and I’m reduced to spit baths! Egad! When the 14th day finally came, I removed the device, wrote “no problems” in the booklet and sent it off to the lab. If my heart was doing funny things I don’t know about, I guess I’ll hear back. In the meantime, I took a long cooling shower!!!



Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay