I completed the chapter, with Jesus at the well, marveling in that amazing conversation between Jesus and the woman, who I named Marah (bitterness). I think it’s one of the most profound portions of the Scriptures. I turned off my computer for the night and the next morning woke up with more ideas to continue the story. I turned on my computer and the entire chapter had disappeared! I tried everything I knew but it was gone! I would have to re-write the entire chapter! In desperation, I called the company in our main town that had built the computer for me (this was 1992 and I didn’t know much about Apple or laptops at the time).

The man I wanted to speak to was out of town, but his young assistant was there and told me to bring the tower in. He thought he could help me. I unhooked it and brought it in to the shop. I waited while he checked this and that and finally brought something up on the screen. There were symbols with occasional words in between. “Is this it?” he asked. I recognized some of the words, and excitedly I cried out, “Yes, that is it!” He slipped in a disk and downloaded it. He then handed me the disk with a grin, “Here you are.” I almost hugged him. I went home, added the chapter back and continued writing. That was the first hitch in writing the book, but there were more to come!

To be continued…



Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay