Nothing was happening with my book and heaven was silent. Then one day, it occurred to me this was not just my book! The Lord have given me the idea and the Holy Spirit had been with me all through the writing of the book! He was my inspiration, my co-author. As the light dawned, I realized I needed to repent of my little ego trip, and in sincerity I put it on the altar and gave it back to the Lord. It was like a load lifted from my shoulders. I told the Lord that if it never got published by a traditional publisher, it was okay, and thank you for letting me write the book. How many of you feel God has a sense of humor? I could almost hear Him say, “Finally!”

About a week or so later, I got a call from Joyce that Revel was doing Biblical Fiction again and wanted to know if she had anything for them. She said, “Yes, I do!” She called me and said to send the proposal for Journey to the Well to her ASAP! I did, and to make a long story short, I wrote four books for them: Journey to the Well, Martha, Mary Magdalene, and Claudia.

Next I’d like to talk about research!



Image by Luke Webb from Pexels