This is my Christmas gift to you, my dear readers.


A Tiny Christmas

One Christmas Eve, as Christmas lights

Shown from house to house,

Underneath a pantry

Lived a tiny Mama mouse.

Her babies five were snuggled in

Their tiny acorn beds

As hopes of Christmas dinner

Filled their tiny heads.

Alas, the prospect seemed quite dim

For not a crumb was found.

The house was vacant and for sale,

No people were around.

No people meant the shelves were bare,

And a cat stood guard next door.

She risked her life to venture there,

Though she smelled food galore.

“What can I feed my little ones?”

The mouse cried to the night.

“Does anyone see our tiny home?

Does someone know our plight?”

A tear slipped down her furry cheek

As she gazed up at a star,

A star that out shown others,

The brightest one by far.

By chance the kitchen garden,

Abandoned and quite bare,

She thought she’d visit one more time,

And miracles were there.

A carrot breached the barren soil

And on the blackberry vine,

Six lone berries clung there,

Defying blooming time.

She heard a sound and fearfully

Peeped out upon the street,

And found a bag half full of nuts,

A rare and special treat.

When all her treasures had been stored,

They gathered all around,

And bowed their heads in gratitude,

For what Mama mouse had found.

“Thank you, Lord, for looking down

On creatures such as we,

And giving us a Christmas feast!

The best that there could be!”

Diana Wallis Taylor
December 2022



Image by Alexa from Pixabay