A milestone year has rolled around and while at one time it seemed far away, it Is here, my 85th year. As I look back, God has allowed me to do a lot of writing! A poem published when I was 12, Quill and Scroll Honorary Society in High School for my poem, “Voice of the City.” We had been studying Carl Sandberg in my literature class and this was my rendition of his style. I was able to write articles for Christian newspapers, a bulletin for a Christian conference camp, and contributions to compilation books. With many Christian conferences under my belt, I felt better equipped to tackle the world of novels, but that didn’t happen for many more years. I self-published a contemporary Christian novel, but my big break came when Revel picked up the manuscript for my first Biblical fiction novel. You might say I was an overnight writing success at the age of 71. Other books followed and it was nice to be in the mainstream of the writing world. Biblical fiction has slowed down a bit, at least for me. After nine books, my publisher stopped that category and indeed, now is publishing only non-fiction. There was one book that I couldn’t get published because it involved Vietnam and that was just not of interest to publishers for many years. I decided, upon recommendation from an editing friend, to resurrect it. Based on a true story, it was one of my favorite books. It was never really edited, and so my friend, who edited other books for me, has agreed to edit this one. In reading through an old copy, I could see it needs major work! I’ll keep you posted!



Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay