For years I have prided myself on not being sick. No flu for 50 years (also no flu shot); I rarely had a cold, and I thought I was nicely escaping COVID! However, on January 27th I woke up and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Suddenly I felt like I wanted to die and hoped I would! I didn’t want to eat, just wanted to curl up in bed and forget the world. It was 10 days before I tested negative, but the fatigue hangs on. Talking with others who have been through it, it comes with the territory. From someone who likes to go 90 miles an hour, I went to a turtle pace and still feel the fatigue. There is a company called Dispatch Health that actually comes to the house! One is a PA and one is a nurse/helper. They tested me for COVID and ran some tests including urine, blood, and EKG! I was amazed. I was positive all right. So much for escaping the dreaded virus. What I discovered was how caring friends and neighbors were. Next door neighbors who had mostly chatted from time to time, went to the pharmacy and got my prescription for me. My prayer group ladies brought soup and groceries. My oldest son (in Simi Valley) introduced me to Instacart and sent groceries, and my youngest son stopped by with more groceries and even some Haagen-Dazs bars! I felt very cared for. The same neighbors took my trash cans out for me and brought them in. Phone calls and cards also were comforting. I don’t plan on getting sick again, (no one does) but I know who is there for me if I do!



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay