The aftereffects of COVID hang around. Namely the fatigue! There is much I want to do with two books to work on and tax season upon us. Yet, I do a little bit and I’m ready to take a nap! Others have cautioned me not to jump in too soon, but they don’t have to push very hard. I seem to be taking more naps than usual. Most of my family, with the exception of my youngest son, have had COVID, some twice! The vaccine doesn’t seem to deter any of them from COVID and I suspect it’s not what it is cracked up to be. It is basically an experimental drug and it is shocking that young athletes, required to take the “jab” are experiencing congestive heart failure! In China, the vaccine given to young children is producing cases of leukemia! People who had not been sick before found themselves with other ailments. Even at 85 I am basically healthy but will see what effects COVID has on my system. I finally got my nails done and got a haircut and I feel a little more human but did not return to my TOPS club until the third Friday of the month so they would feel more comfortable with my coming back. Another member of the club has graciously been filling in as Secretary for me! One thing that seems to help is to sit in the sun on my porch for a little while each day. Just soaking up vitamin D!



Image by photosforyou from Pixabay