March has been a month of rain! Lots of it! Not only is the ground saturated, but we’ve also had an abundance of another kind of rain: The Holy Spirit. Starting first at Asbury University in Kentucky but spreading to other campuses across the country. Evangelist Mario Murillo has been holding tent meetings up and down California and in New York, and thousands of people have found Christ, experienced the Holy Spirit, and been healed of various diseases! Last year, God gave me another song (1 of 5 on “Arrange Me”) and I felt like something was coming.



Oh my friend, are you listening to His whispered words of promise?
Have you felt His grace rain down from up above?
Can you feel His arms around you, as you’re walking through that valley?
Do you know you are encompassed in His love?


Rain down, Lord Jesus, oh rain down, Lord Jesus.
I’m a vessel that needs filling, oh rain down.
Rain down, Lord Jesus, Rain down, Lord Jesus,
Rain down Your grace and mercy, rain on me.

When I was still searching, I was lost and feeling lonely.
I just longed for something more than this sad way.
Then He sought me out and freed me, and I knew Him as my Savior,
And I found what I was looking for that day.




Image by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels