It’s nice to be told I don’t look my age, chronological age, that is, but my body seems to be betraying me! My answer is to just keep busy! An active person has an active mind! I have friends who lament they have nothing to do. I could gel out in front of the TV but if I sit too long, I need a crane to get up! As a writer, it is easy to sit a lot anyway. When I get involved in what I’m writing, the time flies. I even wake up in the middle of the night, re-writing parts of a chapter. I always say that the Holy Spirit is my creative co-author, but I keep trying to tell Him I would prefer the inspirations at a more reasonable hour! However, I’m grateful for the insights and manage to incorporate them into the writing the next day.

I am told not to use cell phone, computer, or watch TV before going to bed as the “blue rays” affect my brain and keep me awake even when I’m tired. I do endeavor to turn off the TV around 8 pm and read or do some other activity, but even when I’m good doing that, I have a sleepless night. Specters from the past rise up to run through my brain time after time. Have you ever wished you had a switch on the side of your head to turn all this mish-mash off? I’ve tried ZzzQuil, melatonin, sleep inducing herb teas, hot milk, valerian, in pill and liquid form, and recently, at a friend’s suggestion, raw cherry juice. They all work for about 2 hours and there I am at midnight wondering what to do with myself. It’s a good time to do my Bible study! In the meantime, I’m re-writing a novel from years ago, working on a children’s book, writing music, writing my blogs, hosting a weekly Bible study in my home, and teaching a series on women of the Bible at my church once a week. No rocking chairs for me!



Image by malubeng from Pixabay