Starting over isn’t easy at any age, let alone when you are over 75. My agent and friend for over 15 years has had to close her agency due to severe health problems. We worked together well on many books and I will miss her. The problem is, I’m still writing, but now without representation. I can’t send a book proposal to her for placement. I am in the process of revising an old manuscript and while my friend and manuscript reviewer, Dr. Vicki Hesterman, who worked with me on all nine of my historical novels, will be doing the final edits, the question is where to send it and who to represent me? While I’m not a novice in the writing field, there are protocols and many publishers prefer submissions to come from agents. I’m praying and trusting the Lord to lead me in the right direction. I know Vicki will make sure that the manuscript is in the best shape possible. When you work on a manuscript for so long it’s like not seeing the forest for the trees. I liken it to putting something on the counter by my back door so when I go to leave I will remember to take it…only to walk right by it and leave it behind. I think we’ve all done that. I have a sign on my back door that says, “CELL PHONE” and how many times have I left my cell phone home? My daughter, Karen, is great at spotting areas that need work and revision. She reads for content; Vicki reads for content and structure. Both valuable to me.

I’ll keep typing and hopefully, Road to Mercy will become a reality in the near future!



Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels