A glorious celebration last night watching the fireworks from the advantage of a steep street in my area. We could see 7 displays! How wonderful to see so many people that want to see the fireworks and celebrate the holiday. For some, the word “celebrate” defines the day. We watched numerous people park their cars and go to various houses on the street for holiday gatherings. One house at the end of the street had music so loud you could not only hear it where we were parked, but all over the neighborhood! I’m so glad my little dog, Maya, is a calm little creature for she didn’t blink with all the noise. I think she was just happy to be with me. She loves Liz too. I think she is Liz’s “granddoggy”!!

I drove by the Mission Bay area earlier in the day and never saw so many cars and people. There didn’t look to be a spare foot of grass. The on ramp to the area was lined up at lease 2 blocks long just to get there, though I have no idea where they planned to park for it didn’t look like there was open parking anywhere! The parking lot at Sea World was absolutely packed. They have fireworks every night, and while I cannot see them from my house, I hear the boom, boom as they go off. It was a lovely night, and we enjoyed it, but had to be there so early to get a place “on the hill.” Maybe find a different spot next year! I did some Indiana 500 maneuvering through traffic on the back streets, but we were home at my house in about 15 minutes. No so for friend Liz. Took her an hour going back streets to get to the Clairemont area. Ah well, there is next year to look forward to.



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay