Talking with someone from the singles group that met years ago at a church I attended I happened to think of a gentleman I met there years ago. Hadn’t thought of him in years. He came in answer to the ad I placed with the church office for a room I wanted to rent out. About 6’2″ or so, nice looking, but I had some reservations. I was a single mom with 3 kids in the house, and he was a single man about my age. Not a good combination. I had to turn him down. Besides, I had already met the man I later married, and I figured he wouldn’t appreciate that situation. His name was Phil and we talked many times at church and the singles group, but something he said caused me to wonder if his last name was really his last name, and why a man his age was looking for a rented room. Was he divorced, widowed? I never did find out. I realized he was interested and even came to an evening prayer meeting at my former church. I was going through a lot of struggles at the time and was in tears. In the parking lot he gave me a very sweet, warm hug and hoped things would go better for me. I heard he went to another church and since the friend he was always with, knew the president of the college where I worked, I ran into his friend at the college graduation. I learned Phil had gotten married and I asked his friend to wish him well. So many of the marriages from that singles group didn’t work out and so I hope he was the exception and had a happy life. So many memories, so long ago.



Image by hayyans from Pixabay