What a joy to still be able to sing! I am long past the age of doing solos but grateful the Lord has let me continue singing at this point of my life. Our choir director, Nathan, is an extremely gifted man. He plays piano, guitar, writes songs, and is in charge of missions as well as directing the choir. From time to time he brings in various musicians and we have the accompaniment of an orchestra. I’m still singing first soprano, which surprises me, but those notes come easier than the lower notes, although to get up to a G, I need the volume to reach those notes! My mother was the lead soloist for a large church in Hollywood when she was young and sang for years in light opera. She sang in her church into her 80s. From her I believe I inherited a love of music. I still remember standing around the piano singing as a young girl. I even got to be one of the “three little maids” in the local production of The Mikado. In my later years, I’ve written an Easter Cantata along with a very talented musical friend, Carolyn, as well as five songs. It appears no one really does Easter musicals these days! They are all gathering dust on the Arrange Me website, formerly Sheet Music Plus, under Taylor/Prentice Productions. I don’t know what to do with them. Arrangements for the songs were done by a young man, John, who now, with his fiancé, make up J2 on YouTube! Both very talented young people. Ah well, I can chalk it up to a wonderful experience.



Image by Frauke Riether from Pixabay