The prayer group that meets at my home on Tuesday mornings, has been going almost ten years. It’s hard to believe. We started out with around 10 and now there are 6 of us who meet every week. We were meeting at a church, but there was a preschool on the premises that was noisy, and people had to go through our room to get to the office. One day I asked the ladies if they were interested in meeting at my house where we could have some quiet. All hands went up and we moved the prayer group! Now we hate to miss that morning. There is a bond that has formed and we think of each other as sisters. We’ve seen each other through hard times, grief, death, major medical problems, and wayward children we are praying back into the fold, and so many things. Because we have known each other so long, there is a sense of safety in sharing the deepest things of our hearts. We can let down our hair so to speak. I’ve been in other prayer groups and each serves its purpose. Our church has a prayer team that waits up front each Sunday after the message for those who need prayer. We alternate months. What puzzles me is that we stand up there every Sunday and watch people turn to visit with friends, or head out to the patio for donuts and coffee. It would appear that everyone already knows Christ, has no problems they are dealing with or can’t think of anyone they need prayer for. Amazing in a church of over 300 people!

Our pastor faithfully preaches the message of Christ every week, and it touches my heart. I still wonder how others are not touched to come forward and let us pray for them. One or two do, but sometimes we just stand there and smile. I wonder if anyone realizes the urgency of getting one’s life right with the Lord. How do people navigate these difficult and sometimes frightening times without leaning heavily on the Lord? Then I think of missionaries who faithfully work with native groups and don’t see any fruit for years. It’s in God’s time, not ours. We’ll still keep standing there and smiling.



Image by AndPan614 from Pixabay