My genre was never picture books for children! I wrote historical fiction and other Christian fiction. With my grandchildren grown and at present no hope of great-grandchildren, it didn’t seem to beckon me. However, when my Christmas poem about a little mouse raised interest in a children’s book publisher (it seemed by chance, but with God I don’t believe in coincidence!). We were talking about another adult fiction book and the poem came up. It turns out he has a second publishing house for children’s books, called Mousegate and thanks to him the poem has turned into a little book called, A Tiny Christmas, and features a charming little Mama Mouse. Thanks to the publisher, I found a very talented illustrator who has done over 30 children’s books. He was a pleasure to work with and the book took shape. It is coming out around the end of this month and already a second book with Mama Mouse Finding a Friend is in the works. The text is already written for a third book, Mama Mouse Goes to School. The ideas seem to race around in my head and I find I’m having great fun! The moral of the story: Never say never. You don’t know what God has in store!



Photo by Lucas George Wendt from Pexels