As many of you know, I have a little dog named Maya and she is now 4-1/2 years old. We have a routine in that after my short afternoon nap, we go for our walk in the neighborhood. If I tarry too long (sleeping) she changes positions on the bed with great effort plunking herself down several times. If that doesn’t do it, she nudges my hand. “I’m ready to go,” she says. We take different street routes to vary her walk. A cousin who trains agility dogs and does other dog training, told me the sniffing is just as important to the dog as the walk. Some call it doggie e-mail! I see owners hurrying their dogs along when they want to investigate different smells, and of course, leave their own scent. We stroll and sniff, and I just generally enjoy walking, especially when it is a beautiful sunny afternoon. I meet many other dog walkers, some just nod and walk on, others ask if she is friendly and we let the dogs sniff. I’ve met many new people this way and everyone seems to enjoy a moment of conversation. I look up at the blue sky and feel a sense of all is right with God’s world, or at least my world. The chaos created by the powers that be haven’t seemed to touch our neighborhood yet, other than the market and the gas pump.

By the time Maya and I went our way home, we both feel like it’s the best part of our day.



Image by Petra from Pixabay